6 letter-word ending with gate

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What’s in a word? Words open windows to our imagination, expressions, and feelings unlocking possibilities for conversations between friends and strangers alike. A single punctuation mark can dictate the difference between one definition to another.

In this article, we take an intriguing approach at discovering 6 letter words ending with ‘gate’ and their meanings – highlighting the different ways they’re used by linguists of all sorts, including poets and storytellers. From argent to ragout and beyond; let’s discover how each of these unique words provide even more insight into language!

Matching words for five letter words ending in gate:

  • algate
  • dogate
  • ergate
  • ingate
  • jugate
  • legate
  • ligate
  • negate
  • oxgate
  • rugate
  • togate
6 letter-word ending with gate

6 letter-word ending with gate

6 letter-word ending with gate:

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Six letter words ending in gate are an interesting prospect for language exploration as well as for general problem solving. While six letter words are generally not overly difficult to come up with a few that end in the suffix “gate” can quickly become quite challenging. For example, the English word “savage” is the only word found in a current English dictionary that ends with the letters “gate” without any other alteration or prefix added.

This may be surprising, but there are actually many more six letter words which end in gate than one would expect when looking through a traditional dictionary. Some of these words include: borate, waive, regate, referate, orugate and even related terms such as abrogate or alligate

Of course, these are simply some of the more common words found containing this suffix. There are likely hundreds of others that could potentially be constructed from various language roots and infixes. In fact, many popular 6-letter names such as Margate (a beach town in England) or Cogate (a city in Arizona) also contain the suffix “gate”

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In addition to being found at the end of a word, this same suffix can often be used to create verb tenses from certain nouns or adjectives as well as adding emphasis to certain phrases such as “I fence-gated you” which means “I outran you”.

All together though it is fascinating to explore all the potential six letter words ending in gate whether they exist currently in our language lexicon or if they are yet to be created!

4 letter words that end with gate:

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Meaning of the list 6 letter words ending in gate:

1. algate (adv): by any means; anyway.

2. dogate (n): the position or status of a doge.

3. ergate (n): A worker ant

Example: As part of his exploration into the esoteric mysteries of the ergate, he diligently consulted with experts in the field, exploring obscure references and delving deep into unknown realms of knowledge 
4. ingate (n): a doorway through which metal is poured into a mold at a foundry.

Example: After driving through the old, imposing iron gates, we made our way towards the grand mansion on top of the hill; its entrance was marked by a huge archway featuring two stone ingates that depicted celestial beings 
5. jugate (adj): overlapping

6. legate (noun): consul

Example: Let us end this dispute by sending an ambassador with full powers to the cardinal legate at Paris, if that is necessary; otherwise, let us put a stop to any further threats.


7. ligate (v): tie up or in any other way secure (an artery or vessel).

Example: The uterine artery underwent ligation.
8. negate (verb): contradict, countermand

Example: Pittsburgh won, 18-16, after Kansas City had a successful two-point conversion attempt negated by a holding penalty on tackle Eric Fisher.


9. oxgate : Same as oxgang

10. rugate (adj): ridged and depressed alternately; wrinkled.

Example: The walls of the old country cottage were adorned with a rugate texture of soft, pastel shades that gave the room a touch of warmth and comfort.
11. togate (n): a garment made of a piece of fabric draped over the body that was worn by Roman people

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Example: Citizens from all over gathered in the town square togate, wearing their best outfits and proudly displaying their colors.


These six letter words ending in “gate” are great for puzzles and other word games. They’re all common English words, so you’ll be able to use them frequently. With a little practice, you’ll be able to spell them correctly every time. Thanks for reading!

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