6 letter-word ending with ster

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Are you looking for the perfect six letter words ending in ster to enhance your vocabulary? Are you feeling stuck and unsure of which word to use next in your work or conversation? Then look no further! In today’s blog post, we’ll guide you through all the exciting possibilities of six letter words ending in ster.

From most commonly used terms to obscure slang and witty expressions from fiction literature, this collection of poetic phrases is sure to arouse your curiosity. Make sure that when talking with friends, playing a game of Scrabble, or just adding an extra bit of flair to a project, these carefully crafted words will be beneficial. Keep reading for our list on every possible angle associated with this set up syllables!

Matching words for five letter words ending in ster:

  • baster
  • bister
  • buster
  • caster
  • coster
  • duster
  • easter
  • faster
  • fester
  • foster
  • lister
  • luster
  • master
  • mester
  • mister
  • muster
  • nester
  • ouster
  • oyster
  • paster
  • pester
  • poster
  • raster
  • rester
  • roster
  • sister
  • taster
  • tester
  • ulster
  • vaster
  • waster
  • wester
  • xyster
  • yester
  • zester
  • zoster



6 letter-word ending with ster

6 letter-word ending with ster

6 letter-word ending with ster

6 letter-word ending with ster

6 letter-word ending with ster:

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Six letter words that end in ster are a great way to expand a vocabulary and add new words to your lexicon. There are numerous possibilities for words ending with ‘ster’ such as monster, pastor, semester, register,usterer, cluster, bluster, musterer and plaster. Each of these words has a unique meaning and all come from different roots. Monster comes from the Latin monstrum and means ‘a horrible creature’.

Pastor is derived from the Latin word for ‘shepherd’ or ‘protector’. Semester comes from the Latin semestris which means ‘of six months’. Register is derived from the Latin regis which means ‘rule or direction’. Usterer originates from the Old French ouvrager which means ‘to work’. Cluster is derived from the Latin clustrum meaning ‘a tuft of flowers or fruit’.

Bluster is derived from old Dutch bluschen which means’to blow hard’. Musterer is related to Anglo-Saxon musterian which means ‘to gather together’. Finally, plaster comes from Greek plastos meaning ‘moulded’. Knowing these six letter words ending in ster can help you develop an extensive vocabulary and become an expert English speaker.

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4 letter words that end with ster:

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5 letter words that end with ster:

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7 letter words that end with ster:

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8 letter words that end with ster:

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9 letter words that end with ster:

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10 letter words that end with ster:

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11 letter words that end with ster:

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Meaning of the list 6 letter words ending in ster:

1. baster (n): a chef who bastes meat or other dishes.

2. bister (adj): brown

Example: Now and then, you can spot patches or smudges of “bister” or “clove brown” near the broader end.

3. buster (n): broke

Example: When used together with the Crue helmet, you can be sure that the Buster will stay put for hours of pizzafying and tumbling.

4. caster (n): flask

Example: This contemporary model is the ideal choice for those who enjoy customizing their office space, with features such as a sliding keyboard tray, an additional bottom shelf and lockable universal casters that will make altering your work area effortless.

5. coster (n): a metonym for a person who cultivates or sells costards

Example: Rachel had always wanted to ride in a coster ever since she was a little girl – they looked so exciting, with their beautiful colors and intricate detailing! She finally got her chance when she visited London last summer; the experience of flying down winding streets was like nothing else!
6. duster (n): dust storm

Example: Therefore, SOCOM is procuring an aircraft that has been previously utilized as a crop duster and can be adapted to satisfy the unique needs of special operations forces.
7. easter (n): the most important and oldest festival of the Christian Church, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and held (in the Western Church) between March 21 and April 25, on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox.

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Example: Every Easter, my family and I go to church to celebrate the day before we come back home and have a big dinner with all of our friends and family. We usually enjoy a wonderful meal and then spend the rest of the day playing games or watching movies together 
8. faster (adj): speedy

Example: The clock hit ten o’clock, and clerks rushed in faster than ever before, each one more flustered than the last.
9. fester (verb): intensify; become inflamed

Example: Several of my toes took on a dark hue, and the area around their tips started to fester. My nails soon became wobbly and unsteady as well.
10. foster (verb): promote, support

Example: Jamie is convinced that a return to the office will be beneficial for young employees, as it can foster inventive ideas, Kleinhanzl stated.
11. gaster (n): The stomach
12. goster (v): to laugh uncontrollably

13. jester (noun): person who jokes, plays jokes

Example: Liddy’s role in the Watergate Cinematic Universe shifted from villain to underling, and at times acted as a jester or patsy.
14. juster (adj): fair, impartial

Example: Stanton flashed a deceptively optimistic smile, embodying the undauntable spirit of someone who has just awoken.
15. laster (adj): final; newest

16. lister (n): a plough with two moldboards.

17. luster (noun): gloss, shine

Example: The luster of the diamond shone brightly in the sunlight, reflecting iridescent glints that caught the eye and drew admiration from all who saw it

18. master (adj): expert

Example: In 2003, Joachim Kurtz from the Max Planck Institute of Limnology in Germany and his master’s student Karoline Franz published a pivotal Nature paper which instantly became essential to evolutionary biology.
19. mester (n): a form of address for the male head of a household.

20. mister (noun): mr.

Example: When we hit our corporate objectives, the entire team is rewarded for their hard work! We can bask in the sun beneath misters on our one-of-a-kind outdoor office space with an amazing view of Boulder’s gorgeous Flatirons or have a special surprise event. Our success deserves to be celebrated and that’s exactly what we do around here!


There are many six-letter words that end with the letters “ster.” Some of these words include: register, monster, drumster, and whiplash. These words all have different meanings, but they share the common ending “ster.” This shows that there are many ways to create a word that ends with “ster” and that there is no one correct way to do so. If you’re looking for a six-letter word that ends with “ster,” then any of these options could be a good choice.

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