6 letter words ending in able

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Having trouble finding the perfect words to express yourself? Good news! There are plenty of 6 letter words ending in able that can help you convey your thoughts and feelings. Whether you’re writing a poem, essay, or just venting out loud, this list of 6 letter words ending in able is sure to give you some word choices that fit the occasion.

From describing incredible feats to mundane daily tasks, these fantastic terms have something for everyone! So sit back, relax, and think up some sick rhymes as we explore our favorite 6 letter words ending in able.

Matching words for five letter words ending in able:

  • arable
  • diable
  • doable
  • dyable
  • enable
  • liable
  • stable
  • suable
  • unable
  • usable
  • viable
6 letter words ending in able

6 letter words ending in able

6 letter words ending in able:

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Six letter words ending in “able” are a common and useful tool when it comes to forming new words. These words are often used in conversation and writing. They are also an essential part of the English language, as they help to create new and interesting phrases. Some of the most common six letter words ending in “able” are: adaptable, reliable, capable, approachable, profitable, movable, durable, acceptable, excitable, tractable, and lovable.

Each word has its own specific sense or meaning that creates a different connotation when used. For example, being adaptable means being able to adjust quickly to change while reliable implies dependability or trustworthiness. Being capable is the ability to do something proficiently or successfully and approachable describes someone who is friendly and easy-going. Profitable means making a profit and movable suggests something that can be moved from one place to another.

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Durability implies lastingness while acceptance suggests approval of other people’s opinions or beliefs. Excitability reflects enthusiasm while tractability describes obedience or docility and lovable means deserving of love or affection. All these six letter words ending in “able” add richness to our language by providing us with more ways of expressing ourselves clearly and effectively.

4 letter words that end with able:

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5 letter words that end with able:

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7 letter words that end with able:

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Meaning of the list 6 letter words ending in able:

1. arable (adj): farmable

Example: After the 2018-2020 open data initiative, an impressive amount of forests and arable lands that were previously unaccounted for came to light.

2. diable (n): a type of brown sauce

3. doable (adj): exploitable

Example: According to Sperling, it is doable ; however, there are many steps that must be taken in order for this objective to be achieved.

4. dyable (n): a coloring agent for materials

Example: We dyed the curtains of the bedroom with a bright emerald green to create an uplifting atmosphere in the room and the fabric was easily dyable 
5. enable (verb): allow, authorize

Example: As your product develops, you can enable a range of modules from the plugin marketplace to make it even more powerful.

6. liable (adj): answerable, responsible

Example: Then, in July, Faber issued a second ruling that found Bluestone liable for the selenium violations.

7. stable (adj): constant, fixed; resistant

Example: To the researchers’ delight, the nanobodies remained stable both when dried and aerosolized; they could thus be utilized to manufacture a nasal spray.
8. suable (adj): able to be sued or subject to being sued.

9. unable (adj): not having talent, skill

Example: Last year, health officials were reluctant to advocate for their use out of fear that healthcare providers would be unable to access them.
10. usable (adj): available, working

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Example: The company has gravely breached the ADA by neglecting to render their stations easily accessible and usable for people with disabilities, most notably those who depend on wheelchairs. This is according to the complaint filed against them.
11. (viable adj): reasonable, practicable

Example: The new business proposal was judged to be a viable option by the board of directors, as they determined that it had a realistic chance of success given the resources available.


Though there are not many six-letter words that end in -able, those that do exist can be useful when playing Scrabble or other word games. With a little practice, you’ll be able to memorize them easily and snag some high point values next time you’re playing with friends or family. Do you know of any other six-letter words that end in -able? Share them with us in the comments below!

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