6 letter words ending in anter

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Matching words for five letter words ending in anter:

  • banter
  • canter
  • panter
  • ranter
  • wanter
6 letter words ending in anter

6 letter words ending in anter

List of six letter words ending in anter:

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Six letter words containing anter and enter are canter, center, antler, enteric, enterer and enteral. The word canter means to move at a faster speed than a trot, or to skip lightly. Center is the point of origin or focus of an activity or object. Antler refers to the large pointed horns on the head of deer or other animals. Enteric is pertaining to the intestines or inner parts of something. An enterer is someone who enters a room or place, while enteral pertains to being inside something else.

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All these words end in ‘anter’ and are six letter words in length. Other six letter words that contain anter include banner, slangy, planner, tanner and manger. Banner refers to a long strip of fabric with a message printed on it and flown as decoration or symbol; slangy means rudely abusive; planner referring to making detailed plans for activities; tanner meaning one who tans leather; and manger which is synonymous with feeding trough for animals.

Six-letter words ending in anter include banner, garner and planer. Garner pertains to collecting things together whereas planer means one who plans out things and events ahead of time. To conclude, there are numerous six letter words that contain ‘anter’ from canter to planer – all with different meanings depending on its usage.

5 letter words that end with anter:

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7 letter words that end with anter:

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8 letter words that end with anter:

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Meaning of the list 5 letter words ending in anter:

1. banter (noun): teasing

Example: The dialogue between Julianna and Colt is especially entertaining, as their captivating banter is filled with wit and charm.

2. canter (verb): jog

Example: Urging Nejdi into a canter, he drew his sword and keenly scanned the horizon for any sign of the opponents standing in his way.

3. panter (n):  a person who pants

4. ranter (adj): braggart

Example: Should you feel the need for retribution, ensure that thou art without fault first, then cast the initial stone at the Ranter.

5. wanter (adj): go without

Example: Thats what we wanter know, cause Dil wants to go an take me.

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