All 6-letter words ending with ease

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Please and cease, sleaze and grease; the English language is known for its expansive array of words made up of only six letters. Whether we’re talking about commonly used terms like peace or less commonly known glossary such as tierce, these tiny pieces of verbiage can add flair to conversation or make creative names for businesses.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring six letter words ending in ease – some specific ones you might not have heard before as well as others with a more familiar ring to them. Get ready to expand your lexicon while learning the proper context wherein each word should be placed!

Matching words for five letter words ending in ease:

  • crease
  • grease
  • please
  • prease
  • unease
  • urease
All 6-letter words ending with ease

All 6-letter words ending with ease

All 6-letter words ending with ease:

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There are multiple six-letter words that end in ease. The most common is “please,” although other examples of such words include “increase,” “decrease,” and “cease.” These words all have distinct meanings that differ from one another. “Please” is a polite request to do something, while “increase” and “decrease” indicate the growth or decline of something, respectively. Lastly, ‘cease’ means to stop doing something or to come to an end. All of these words serve different purposes and can be used in various contexts

In addition to the terms mentioned above, there are also some less common six-letter words that end in ease. For example, there is “grease” which refers to a type of lubricant applied on metal surfaces; “lease” which indicates a contract between two parties for a certain period of time; “cheese” which describes any number of dairy products made from milk; and “tease” which involves making fun of someone or mocking them lightheartedly. Each word has its own unique definition and application, so it’s important to understand how each term is used before using it in conversation or writing

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Furthermore, there are also several verbs with six letter endings that end in ease. These verbs include “release” which means to free or set someone or something free; “appease” which means to calm down an angry person by being nice and understanding; “plead” which means begging somebody for help or support; and “squeeze” which signifies pressing tightly onto an object as if trying to crush it with force. Verbs ending with ease usually describe actions taken by people towards others, either positively or negatively depending on the context they are used in

In conclusion, there are many six-letter words that end in -ease with diverse definitions and applications. Whether you use them as nouns, verbs, adjectives or adverbs – understanding their exact meaning is essential for communicating effectively and accurately expressing your thoughts through language.

4 letter words that end with ease:

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Meaning of the list 6 letter words ending in ease:

1. crease (noun): fold, wrinkle

Example: Protect your content from accidental spills, rips and creases with custom covers available for select planner brands.


2. grease (noun): fat

Example: A few of my teammates were sprawled out in the parking lot, diligently scrubbing away at their bike chains with rag-clad hands to remove any residue of grease.

3. please (verb): delight, make happy

Example: All please note his stature so tall and robust; His legs stretch for miles, his throat wide enoughTo swallow the world – nothing is ever too much.

4. prease (n): a vintage sort of adoration.

Example: The little girl gazed up at her father with complete prease , feeling nothing but immense love and admiration for the man who had been such an important part of her life growing up.
5. unease (noun): restlessness

Example: She felt a sense of unease as she walked down the dark alley, her footsteps echoing in the night air and the shadows playing tricks on her eyes 

6. urease (n): an enzyme that breaks down urea into ammonium carbonate naturally.

Example: Bacteria such as Helicobacter pylori have urease, an enzyme which can convert urea into ammonia and carbon dioxide, allowing them to survive in the low pH environment of the stomach 


With these six letter words that end in ease, you’ll be able to improve your communication with others and feel more confident in your writing. By using these words, you’ll sound smarter and more professional. Not to mention, people will have a better understanding of what you’re trying to say. Give them a try next time you’re sending an email or writing a report!

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