All 6-letter words ending with ouse

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It may sound like something out of a magical fantasy, but there are actually some quite common 6 letter words that end in ouse! From the unusual ‘millionaire’ to the more familiar ‘spouse’, this list will give you plenty of examples of these fun terms. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your own vocabulary or just want to test your word knowledge, this quiz is a great way to challenge yourself while learning something new. So let’s get started – can you guess all six 6-letter words ending in ouse?

Matching words for five letter words ending in ouse:

  • arouse
  • blouse
  • chouse
  • crouse
  • flouse
  • grouse
  • scouse
  • shouse
  • smouse
  • spouse
  • trouse
All 6-letter words ending with ouse

All 6-letter words ending with ouse

All 6-letter words ending with ouse

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There are several six-letter words that end in ouse, including louse, mouse, pouse, grouse, spouse and house. Louse is a type of small insect that can infest the hair of mammals. Mouse is a small rodent commonly found around homes and farms. Pouse is an obsolete word for a young sparrow or a little bird.

Grouse is the name for several species of birds in the family Tetraonidae. Spouse refers to a married partner or significant other. And, of course, house is a structure used as shelter by humans or animals. These words all have different meanings and origins but they share the same ending: ouse.

For example, louse and mouse have Germanic roots while house has Old English origins. The oldest known use of “house” dates back to 800 AD where it was spelled hus; this evolved into hūs (Old Saxon) before eventually becoming our modern version of ‘house’.

Similarly, Grouse originated from Middle English grise which became graise before finally becoming its current spelling: grouse.

The suffix ‘ouse’ has been adopted from French – it derives from Latin -ōsus, meaning ‘full of’ or ‘abounding in’ something. In Old French it became -os and eventually -oüse which then evolved into our modern spelling: -ouse. This suffix has also been used to form other common English words such as blouse (from Old French blos) and carouse (from Middle Dutch caruus).

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So next time you come across one of these six-letter words ending with ouse remember that they all share a similar origin!

4 letter words that end with ouse:

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5 letter words that end with ouse:

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7 letter words that end with ouse:

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8 letter words that end with ouse:

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9 letter words that end with ouse:

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10 letter words that end with ouse:

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11 letter words that end with ouse:

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Meaning of the list 6 letter words ending in ouse:

1. arouse (verb): excite, entice

Example: Lack of coordination, conversely, can arouse musicians’ lateral prefrontal cortex regions to provide stability and keep them from soaring.

2. blouse (noun): shirt for woman

Example:During the trial, the judge allowed for evidence to be brought forward that suggested Vinson had worn clothing such as plunging necklines, low-cut blouses and pants that clung tight to her body.

3. chouse (v): defraud

Example: As might give me the chanst as I wants, but, by gob, it’s a regular chouse.

4. crouse (adj): lively, confident, or saucy.

Example: Sally croused her way down the steep mountain road, gripping tightly to the steering wheel as she navigated around sharp curves and over rocky terrain.
5. flouse (v): to splash or make a splash.

Example: My daughter loves wearing her favorite flouse, a pink-and-white striped blouse with short sleeves and a ruffled collar, to school every day.
6. grouse (noun): complaint

Example: One player seemingly groused at his union on Thursday for not pushing back.

7. scouse (n): a person from the northwest region of England, namely the Liverpool area.

Example: Here in Liverpool, it’s typical to hear locals speaking with a characteristic dialect known as Scouse, which has its own unique phrases and idioms. 
8. shouse (n): a personal storage area or workshop that is attached to a home.

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Example: The shouse is made from cedar and has a wrap-around porch with rocking chairs and an outdoor fireplace
9. smouse (v): to feast on or consume

Example: The small and nimble smouse was able to navigate through the obstacle course with ease, squeezing through tight spaces and jumping over obstacles as if it had done this a hundred times before.
10. spouse (noun): one of a married couple

Example: Compound the situation by adding their spouse or partner and you can imagine how complex it becomes.
11. trouse (noun): a garment that covers the lower body from the waist to the feet and is made up of two cylinder-shaped pieces, one for each leg, linked at the top:

Example: To complete this look, I am searching for an ideal pair of trousers that will compliment my jacket.


The six letter words that end in ouse are:cause, house, mouse, douse, grouse and. While most of these words have different definitions, they all share a common ending sound. This is just one example of how English can be a very confusing language for non-native speakers. If you’re having trouble mastering the English language, consider hiring a tutor or taking an ESL class. With some practice and patience, you’ll be reading and writing like a native speaker in no time!

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