List Of 6 Letter Words That End With Ling

Do you love word puzzles? Are you trying to challenge your brain while having a good time? Well, why not look into six letter words ending in ling! By knowing these types of words, you can play games like Scrabble and Words with Friends with more confidence.

Not only that – but the longer you spend examining them, the better your chances of solving other tricky crosswords and riddles will be. So let’s take some time to focus on six letter words that end in ling so we can become savvier puzzlers!

Matching words for five letter words ending in ling:

List Of 6 Letter Words That End With Ling:

List Of 6 Letter Words That End With Ling

List Of 6 Letter Words That End With Ling

List Of 6 Letter Words That End With Ling

List Of 6 Letter Words That End With Ling:

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Six letter words ending in ling are often used to create a certain type of rhythm or poetic meter in writing. In addition, they can be used to differentiate between different verb conjugations, or to make sure a noun is pluralized correctly.

These words are also useful for adding more descriptive adjectives, adverbs and other elements of language that refine the meaning of an idea. For example, the word “blushing” has 6 letters and ends in “ling”, which suggests that someone is feeling embarrassed and red in the face. Similarly, the word “jangling” implies a loud and disorderly sound.

Other letter words ending with “ling” include “floating”, “swelling”, “dwelling”, and many others – all of which add more detail to sentences than would be possible without them.

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4 letter words that end with ling:

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8 letter words that end with ling:

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11 letter words that end with ling:

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Meaning of the list 6 letter words ending in ling:

1. abling (adv): possibly; perhaps.

Example: It is abling plausible that humans could colonize other planets in the distant future, depending on advances in space travel technology 
2. ailing (adj): not feeling well

Example: Annie Wilkins – ailing, aging and estranged – embarks on an ambitious adventure across the country after buying a horse.

3. arling (n): A species of bird; the wheatear.

Example: Arnold had been working diligently on his project for days, but Arling showed him a few new techniques that dramatically improved the speed at which he could work.
4. baling (b): bundle

Example: My parents bought a baling of balloons, streamers, and confetti to decorate the front porch for my birthday party; it was a vibrant combination of colors that really livened up the space.
5. biling (adj): turned over, bent, inclined

Example: At our elementary school, we offer bilingual instruction in both English and Spanish which helps to improve literacy for all students 
6. doling (n): mete

Example: Yesterday I went to the store and doling a beautiful vintage vase that I had been looking for all week. It was a unique piece with intricate designs and colors that really caught my eye

7. eeling (v): the activity or business of catching eels

8. filing (v): marching

Example: The sound of the drums echoed through the streets as the filing band paraded down the street, their feet stomping in time to the music 
9. galing (v): statement of approval or admiration following a demonstration of skill;

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10. haling (v): drag

Example: The child was too young to understand the concept of haling his feet, so he shuffled slowly across the playground.
11. heling (n): fencing

Example: Competitors in the Olympic Games take part in a variety of heling events, including épée, foil, and sabre, where they must battle with their opponents using metal foils and blades.
12. holing (v): open

13. idling (adj): lounging

Example: The engine was idling in the driveway, filling the air with a rumbling sound as it released a stream of exhaust fumes into the night sky 
14. isling (v): to make an isle of.

15. joling (n): a party

16. miling (adj): (of a machine) built with a revolving tool to cut or shape metal.

Example: I had to transport it home and utilize the milling machine for drilling.
17. muling (v): Consider (a statement, suggestion, or demand) carefully and in depth.

Example: she began to mull over the various possibilities
18. ogling (v): flirting

Example: The young man brushed his fingers lightly against the woman’s arm as he joked with her and smiled, clearly ogling with her in a friendly manner.
19. oiling (n): application

Example: I recently applied for a job and filled out my oiling, outlining my previous work experience and educational background. It was an extensive process that required a lot of time, effort and detail in order to ensure that I made the best possible impression on the hiring manager

20. owling (n): the practice of removing sheep or wool from England illegally


6 letter words ending in ling are: blinding, ceiling, gelling, jumping, meaning, meeting. There are many other six-letter words that end with -ling, but these are some of the most common ones. If you can use one of these words in your next purchase or marketing campaign, you may be able to increase your sales. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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