List Of 6 Letter Words That End With Rage

Do you ever struggle to find the best way to express your innermost thoughts or emotions? If so, you’re in luck – nothing says “I’m feeling emotional” quite like a six-letter word ending in Rage!

Whether it be Outrage, Dismissal, MentalRage, Angerfury or even Garbage – there is no limit when creating the right message with these powerful and descriptive words. Keep reading this blog post to discover a multitude of other sharpening words that will help you get those angry messages across without having to spell out every single letter.

Matching words for five letter words ending in rage:

  • borage
  • enrage
  • forage
  • garage
  • hirage
  • mirage
  • murage
  • oarage
  • parage
  • sorage
  • tirage
List Of 6 Letter Words That End With Rage

List Of 6 Letter Words That End With Rage

List Of 6 Letter Words That End With Rage:

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When considering six letter words ending in rage, there are several possibilities. For example, one could choose the word ‘outrage’, which means an extremely strong public reaction to something that is considered morally wrong or deeply offensive.

Another option is the verb ‘encourage’, which can be used to describe the action of giving support, confidence, and hope to someone in order to motivate them toward success. In addition, one might select the word ‘damage’ which refers to any physical harm done to a person or object.

Lastly, another possible six letter word ending in rage is ‘manage’ which describes the skillful use of available resources. All of these words have different meanings and applications; however they all end with the syllable –rage

When it comes to finding six letter words that start with a specific letter and end in rage, such as starting with an ‘s’, there are various options as well. Some examples include: seething (to become angry or frustrated), simmering (to stay near boiling point without actually boiling), soaring (to rise quickly into the air) and stirring (to cause movement). These words all demonstrate how six letter words can have vastly different meanings while still sharing a common ending

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Overall, there are many six letter words that end with -rage; whether it be a noun like ‘outrage’ or verb like ‘encourage’ people have a variety of choices when selecting from this group of words.

Furthermore, if looking for a specific letter at the beginning of such a word like ‘s’, then more options become available for one’s choosing as demonstrated previously. Henceforth, having knowledge about six-letter words ending in rage is beneficial for any individual seeking to expand their lexicon in multiple ways.

4 letter words that end with rage:

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5 letter words that end with rage:

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7 letter words that end with rage:

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8 letter words that end with rage:

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9 letter words that end with rage:

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10 letter words that end with rage:

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11 letter words that end with rage:

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Meaning of the list 6 letter words ending in rage:

1. borage (n): a herbaceous plant with hairy leaves and vivid blue blossoms that is used as a salad green and for medicinal purposes.

Example: Borage, an herb native to the Mediterranean, is a unique species with bright blue star-shaped flowers that attract bees and other pollinators. Its leaves are edible and have a slightly cucumber-like taste, making them popular additions to salads or as a garnish for drinks.
2. enrage (verb): make very upset

Example: Guy has a troublesome wife who won’t divorce him, and Bruno, an engaging sociopath is enraged that his wealthy father won’t give him money.


3. forage (verb): search madly for

Example: In no time at all, you can take a few easy steps, invest a small amount of money in shipping fees and gain the knowledge to ensure your seeds blossom into delectable deer-magnet forage!

4. garage (noun): storage building for vehicles, workplace

Example: Kelley Higney and her mother Ellen McAlister originated The Thing from their garage before being featured on Shark Tank in 2019 to acquire capital.

5. hirage (noun): the cost of employing something

Example: She was surprised when she received the bill for her car hirage – it was much higher than expected 
6. mirage (noun): imaginary vision

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Example: The moment was a mirage of the kind of glory that Wall and the Wizards wanted to achieve.

7. murage (noun): a levy paid for constructing or mending a fortified town’s defenses.

Example: Murage was an ancient tradition that required a man to pay a fee in order to marry a woman from a particular tribe or community, and it was practiced in many parts of the world including parts of Africa and Asia
8. oarage (noun): The act of using oars; rowing

Example: Bob kept his old wooden oarage in the attic, along with the other boating supplies he had collected over the years.
9. parage (v): cut

10. sorage (n): the process of keeping something for later use.

11. tirage (n): wine being removed from a cask,


After looking at the list of 6 letter words ending in rage, it’s easy to see that this is a popular suffix. There are many words that can be formed with this suffix, and they all have different meanings. Whether you’re looking for a word to describe anger or simply want to add some variety to your vocabulary, there’s sure to be a 6 letter word ending in rage that suits your needs.

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