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If you’re looking for an intellectually stimulating challenge, why not consider the sometimes perplexing world of 6 letter words ending in etic? Tackling this task takes some skill and knowledge of language to identify all the potential words fitting this particular criteria. From physics and philosophy to science and psychology, there are many fascinating terms in multiple fields that can help expand your vocabulary or simply provide enjoyment as you look through their definitions.

In this blog post, you’ll find a comprehensive list of these 6-letter words ended with ‘etic’ – so dive right into it and have fun searching out these new items!

Matching words for five letter words ending in etic:

  • acetic
  • anetic
  • cretic
  • emetic
  • goetic
  • luetic
  • noetic
  • poetic
  • thetic
  • uretic
  • zoetic
List of words ending in etic

List of words ending in etic

List of words ending in etic:

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Six letter words that end with the suffix ‘etic’ can be found in many different contexts, from scientific terms to informal slang. One example of a six letter word ending with ‘etic’ is ‘metric’, meaning something that is related to measurement or dimension. Additionally, the word ‘symbolic’ is also a six letter word ending with etic and means expressing an idea without using words. There are many other such words in the English language which share this suffix, including poetic, genetic, robotic, hypnotic and iconic

Most six letter words ending with etic tend to be related to one another and often have similar meanings or connotations. Many of these terms are related to science and technology as well as psychology and philosophy – though not all of them are necessarily scientific or technological in nature

. For instance, the term ‘hypnotic’ could be used both colloquially and technically in certain contexts, while ‘mythic’ is more likely to refer to folktales and ancient stories than modern science or technology

In addition to these common examples there are also less familiar six letter etic words like ‘acrostic’ (a type of poem) or ‘kinetic’ (relating to motion). Furthermore, many popular idioms contain six letter etic words – for example ‘diabolic’ (very evil), ‘climactic’ (culminating), ‘electric’ (something that causes excitement) and ‘pathetic’ (pitiful). In addition, some foreign-derived terms like naivetic can also fall under this category of six-letter etic words

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Overall, there are countless six-letter etic words out there – from scientific jargon to everyday slang – which provide users with an extensive range of expressive options when it comes to language. Whether used formally or informally these types of terms provide users with a plethora of ways to express their ideas effectively.

4 letter words that end with etic:

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Meaning of the list 6 letter words ending in etic:

1. acetic (adj): of or similar to acetic acid or vinegar.

Example: The sharp and pungent smell of acetic acid filled the air as I walked by the vinegar factory.
2. anetic (adj): peaceful, soothing, or relieving in nature.

Example: My dentist prescribed an anetic to help reduce the pain I was feeling after my root canal. The medication worked quickly and effectively, providing relief almost immediately 
3. cretic (n): a metrical foot containing one short or unstressed syllable between two long or stressed ones.

Example: The Cretic was first developed as a dance by the ancient Greeks, who used it to honor their gods. This dance is composed of quick, staccato steps that create a rhythm and is often accompanied by singing or instrumental music. It is believed to have originated from the city-state of Crete, where it was popularized in the fourth century.

4. emetic (adj): (of a material) making you throw up.

Example: The patient has ingested a highly toxic substance and the doctor administered an emetic to help induce vomiting and rid the body of the poison
5. goetic (adj): pertaining to necromancy or dark magic.

Example: As part of his research into the occult, he studied the Goetic grimoires, looking for ways to harness their power and use it to his advantage.

6. luetic (adj): being associated with, resulting from, or affected by syphilis.

Example: Patients suffering from luetic infection are prone to developing skin lesions and rashes, which are painful and itchy. In some cases, the symptoms might be mild or even undetected but in more severe cases the patient can experience fevers and joint pain.

7. noetic (adj): having something do with the mind or the intellect.

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Example: The noetic quality of a mystical experience denotes the feeling of enlightenment one may obtain.
8. poetic (adj): having beauty and rhythm; pertaining to poetry composition

Example: Despite selecting a paternal avatar that is both wise and poetic , I still cannot seem to find much success.

9. thetic (v): prescribed

Example: Dogmatical propositions can be grouped into a single entity known as thetic.

10. uretic (adj):  of, pertaining to, or taking place in the urine

Example: Uretic drugs are often used to help treat conditions such as high blood pressure and fluid retention, as they work by blocking the body’s production of sodium and water reabsorption from the kidneys 
11. zoetic (adj): alive

Example: The zoetic energy in the room was palpable as the audience waited with bated breath for the start of the show 


There are many 6 letter words that end in -etic. Some of these words are: acetic, amoebic, anarthric, arteritic, asthenic, atrophic, diabetic, dietetic, diuretic. etc. All of these words have different meanings and can be used in different contexts. If you want to learn more about these words or how to use them correctly, consult a dictionary or ask a linguist.

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