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It seems like just yesterday that you were playing around with the alphabet to discover your first four letter words, now you are looking for six-letter words ending in ‘mate’. We have all done it at one time or another – searched for the longest word we can find and then tried to beat our own record.

While some scrabble players are going crazy trying to win every game on their board, others strive to master their vocabulary by finding those multi-syllable six-letter words.

But why settle for five syllables when you can add an extra layer of complexity? In this blog post, we will explore some interesting six letter words ending with ‘mate’ so that you can take your word gaming skills up a notch!

Matching words for five letter words ending in mate:

  • comate
  • hamate
  • humate
  • inmate
  • osmate
  • ramate
  • remate
List of words ending in mate

List of words ending in mate

List of words ending in mate

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Six-letter words that end in mate can be a great way to add variety to your vocabulary and expand your ability to communicate accurately. For example, the word “inmate” is often used when referring to someone who is incarcerated in prison or jail, while the more formal “acolyte” might be used to refer to an assistant of a religious figure. Similarly, “intimate” can refer to a close friend or romantic partner, while “confrere” might be used for a colleague or fellow professional.

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Furthermore, other six-letter words ending in mate include “deftly” which means skillfully and deftly handled; “fervor” which signifies strong enthusiasm; and “cursor” which refers to a pointer on a computer screen. In addition, other words such as “medicate,” “jocundly,” and even “protege” can be found. Knowing these six-letter words ending in mate can enhance not only your written communication but also your ability to converse with confidence and accuracy.

4 letter words that end with mate:

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5 letter words that end with mate:

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7 letter words that end with mate:

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8 letter words that end with mate:

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9 letter words that end with mate:

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10 letter words that end with mate:

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11 letter words that end with mate:

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Meaning of the list 6 letter words ending in mate:

1. comate (n): companion

Example: Comate–only the crest of head, or summit, is covered with tresses.

2. hamate (n): a carpal bone that is located on the hand’s bottom exterior border. On the palmar side, it contains a hook-shaped protrusion to which the little finger’s muscles are linked.

Example: The hamate bone is an intricate, hook-shaped carpal bone found in the human body located along the palm side of the hand, connecting to five other bones: metacarpal four, capitate, trapezoid, and triquetrum 
3. humate (n): a salt of humic acid”

Example: Scientists have found that applying humate, a soil conditioner derived from humic acid, to the root zone of plants can improve their growth and health 
4. inmate (noun): patient

Example: To help their firefighting efforts, Washington, Oregon and California have enlisted the aid of inmates.

5. osmate (n): a salt or ester of osmic acid.

6. ramate (adj): having branches; branching out or

Example: The branches of the tree had rambled outward, creating a canopy of lush greenery that provided shade for the park visitors.
7. remate (v): To mate again


Though there are a limited number of six-letter words that end in -mate, you can use them to your strategic advantage in games like Scrabble and Words With Friends. If you know your opponent doesn’t have a good grasp of basic spelling principles, drop one of these gems on them and enjoy the ensuing victory. Have fun adding these words to your repertoire and expanding your vocabulary!

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