List of words ending in onic

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The English language has so many words – both long and short – that can capture every emotion and nuance of meaning. If you’re looking for a great way to enhance your Word Scrabble skills, then look no further than 6 letter words ending in onic!

Whether it’s onomatopoeia, metronomic, or simpatico; these syllables can give you the edge against all of your opponents. Let’s explore some of the most interesting 6 letter words with this ending so that you’ll be ready to win any game of Words With Friends!

Matching words for five letter words ending in onic:

  • aeonic
  • agonic
  • atonic
  • axonic
  • azonic
  • bionic
  • clonic
  • exonic
  • iconic
  • ironic
  • kaonic
  • muonic
  • ovonic
  • ozonic
  • phonic
  • pionic
  • uronic
  • zoonic
List of words ending in onic

List of words ending in onic

List of words ending in onic:

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Six letter words ending in “onic” can be found scattered throughout the English language. An example of a word that ends with “onic” is “tonic”, which means to have a restorative or stimulating effect. Another example is the word “iconic”, which means highly distinctive and recognizable. Similarly, there is the word “ionic”, which refers to a type of chemical bond formed between two ions with opposite charges, such as sodium and chloride.

Additionally, another 6 letter word ending in “onic” is “ionic”, which describes atoms that contain an unequal number of protons and electrons. This would create an electric charge around the atom that makes it attracted to other electrically charged particles. Furthermore, there are words such as “ethnocentric”, “manic”, and “quixotic” which all end in onic.

All of these words carry unique meanings and definitions that make them distinct from one another. Additionally, the suffix “-onic” can also be added to many words to create unique adjectives that describe something as having some quality related to the root word itself.

For example, one could add “-onic” to the word “acidic” to make it mean something acidic or sour tasting. In conclusion, six letter words ending in “onic” are common throughout English language vocabulary and can be used for various applications depending on the context in which they are used.

4 letter words that end with onic:

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5 letter words that end with onic:

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7 letter words that end with onic:

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8 letter words that end with onic:

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9 letter words that end with onic:

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Meaning of the list 6 letter words ending in onic:

1. aeonic (adj): lasting for an aeon

Example: The aeonic cycle of life and death is an integral part of the natural world, and its influence is felt throughout the universe in various forms.
2. agonic (adj): not forming an angle.

Example: The agonic line of zero declination had become a navigational phenomenon, as sailors found they could use it to determine their exact location without the use of compasses or other instruments 
3. atonic (adj): palsied

Example: In Picard, the atonic ending of mes is extended to all tenses – creating amomes, &c. for a unique and expressive sound that is distinct from other language dialects.

4. axonic (adj): a long, single nerve cell projection that carries nerve impulses away from the cell’s body.

Example: Axonic synapses have been found to play a major role in facilitating communication between different neurons, allowing them to effectively transfer signals from one neuron to another.
5. azonic (adj): not limited to any one zone or area; not local.

Example: The ancient Azonic culture was renowned for its impressive artworks, which ranged from intricate pottery designs to towering sculptures of deities.
6. bionic (adj): superhuman

Example: After five years of planning and contemplation, the Collins Cup is settling into its new home at x-bionic sphere in Samorin, Slovakia. This majestic sports facility was created from scratch to provide a perfect setting for the tournament’s debut.

7. clonic (adj):  involving or being related to aberrant neuromuscular activity that alternates between quickly contracting and relaxing muscles.

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Example: After realizing he had been held up in the street, John’s body went into clonic spasms and he collapsed onto the pavement; his heart was racing and he felt unable to move as his body trembled with terror.
8. exonic (n): a group of nucleotides that are contained in genes, which encode information for the creation of proteins and are translated into messenger RNA.

Example: The new exonic sequencing technology allows geneticists to identify exonic regions of the genome, which are involved in gene expression and regulation.
9. iconic (adj): emblematic

Example: Each morning, I would take a refreshing hike from Brooklyn to the South Street Seaport in Manhattan, trekking along the iconic bridge that connects them both.

10. ironic (adj): sarcastic

Example: It was ironic that the hairdresser, whose job it was to make people look their best, had the worst hairstyle of all her clients.
11. kaonic (adj): of or relating to a kaon.

Example: Kaonic particles are believed to be very short-lived, and studies suggest that their half-lives may range from a fraction of a nanosecond to one microsecond, making them difficult to detect.
12. muonic (n): The negatively charged lepton from the second generation of elementary fermions, whose mean lifespan is 2.2 10-6 seconds and whose mass is 207 times that of an electron

Example: Scientists are making incredible strides in studying muonic matter and the effects of the particles on different materials.

13. ovonic (n): a subfield of electronics that deals with the applications of the transition from a semiconducting state to an electrically nonconducting state, as shown by specially composed glasses, when a certain minimum voltage is applied. commonly capitalized ovonic adjective

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Example: The ovonic unified memory (OUM) by Ovonyx is the first commercial non-volatile RAM that combines both static random access memory (SRAM) and flash memory technology on a single chip.
14. ozonic (n): O3 is an unstable, deadly allotrope of oxygen that is created by electric discharge or exposure to UV light in the ozone layer and is also created in the lower atmosphere by the photochemical reaction of certain contaminants.

Example: When the sun begins to set, an ozonic smell permeates the air, giving off an aroma that is reminiscent of the ocean breeze 
15. phonic (n): acoustic

Example: Phonics is an important way for young children to learn foundational reading skills and can help ensure they have the confidence to read aloud with accuracy and fluency.
16. pionic (adj): relating to or involving a pion.

Example: Particles called pions, which are composed of a quark and an antiquark, mediate the strong force between protons and neutrons in atomic nuclei, making them an important component of nuclear physics 
17. uronic (adj): pertaining to urine in the names of certain aldehyde-acids made from sugars or their derivatives.

Example: Galacturonic acid, a type of uronic acid, is a common building block found in many different types of polysaccharides and other molecules that are essential components of the extracellular matrix.


The six letter words that end in onic are: bionic, clonic, ionic, tonic, sonic, and pylon. All of these words have different meanings, but they all involve something related to sound. Bionic refers to a device that contains electronic components, while clonic refers to a type of muscle contraction.

Ionic pertains to atoms or molecules with a charge, tonic relates to things that invigorate or refresh the body, sonic means relating to sound waves or vibrations, and pylon refers to an upright structure supporting cables or electric wires. Now that you know some interesting facts about the ending onic, go out and use this information in your daily life!

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