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Words are powerful tools that not only unlock many hidden possibilities and curiosities, they also have the ability to evoke emotions that transport us back to a specific time or place. Have you ever stopped in the middle of your day to appreciate words for their beauty and complexity?

Today’s blog post takes our appreciation one step further by exploring 6 letter words ending in ‘oted’. We will look at word origins, associated meanings, and delve into some creative exercises on how the power of words can be used. So grab your dictionaries dear readers – it’s time to explore these mysterious 6 letter words!

Matching words for five letter words ending in oted:

  • azoted
  • booted
  • emoted
  • footed
  • hooted
  • looted
  • mooted
  • pioted
  • pooted
  • quoted
  • rioted
  • rooted
  • sooted
  • tooted
List of words ending in oted

List of words ending in oted

List of words ending in oted:

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Finding six-letter words that end in oted can be a challenge, but it can also be an interesting exercise for any language lover. By examining the etymology and definitions of words ending in oted, one can gain a better understanding of the language and its structure. Oted is a suffix found in many Latin-based languages, such as French and Spanish. Commonly found in verbs, it denotes the past participle or action performed by the subject.

For example, the French verb “arriver” is conjugated to “arrivoted” to denote someone who has arrived. In English, we have words such as “darted” or “voted” which are formed with this same ending. Other six-letter words ending with oted include routed, taunted, dogged, listed, dashed and chased. All of these verbs can be used to describe someone doing an action in the past tense

In addition to verbs, there are some adjectives which also contain this suffix. Examples include allotted, devoted and plotted which all describe states related to having been given something or being directed towards something. Nouns containing this suffix include motet which refers to a type of medieval song and ballot which refers to a piece of paper used for voting.

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There are also some proper nouns that use this ending such as Huguenoted – referring to members of the Protestant Reformed Church during 16th century France – or Corotated – referring to followers of Pierre de Coronation during 17th century England

All together there is quite an extensive list of six-letter words ending in oted; This demonstrates how prevalent and widespread this suffix has become over time throughout different languages around the world!

4 letter words that end with oted:

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5 letter words that end with oted:

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7 letter words that end with oted:

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8 letter words that end with oted:

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9 letter words that end with oted:

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11 letter words that end with oted:

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Meaning of the list 6 letter words ending in oted:

1. azoted (n): Nitrogenized; nitrogenous.

Example:  The azoted soil yielded very low crop yields due to its lack of fertilizer and poor soil quality, leaving the farmers struggling to get a decent harvest for their efforts 
2. booted (v): firmly kick (anything) in the designated direction.

Example: He concluded his attempt by booting the ball into the stands.
3. emoted (v): Especially of an actor, theatrically depict emotion.

Example: She emoted a deep and heartfelt emotion of relief as she stepped into the sunlight after spending weeks in the darkness 
4. footed (v): pay

Example: The Audi e-Tron felt much more sure-footed while making the same drive.

5. hooted (verb): cry

Example: The barn owl let out a loud, haunting hoot as it flew across the night sky 
6. looted (verb): steal goods

Example: Armed with Remington rifles, looted from the Spaniards during surprise raids, The Moros had a formidable stockpile of weapons.

7. mooted (v): introduce

Example: We find no revival of the idea mooted in 1840 of granting medical relief on loan.


8. pioted (adj): having two or more color marks.

Example: The research team was pioted by their supervisor to investigate the effect of increased temperature on a particular species of beetle 
9. pooted (v): to fart a little, particularly loudly.

Example: The toddler pooted loudly and proudly, much to the delight of his parents who found it endearing.
10. quoted (adj): repeated from another

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Example: “My favorite Shakespeare quote is ‘To thine own self be true'”, the teacher said in a low, calming tone. He continued to explain the importance of being honest and authentic with oneself, emphasizing that it was the only way to truly lead a life of integrity.
11. rioted (noun): uprising, disorder

Example: The officers, clad in riot gear making identification difficult, nevertheless arrested Ramirez — a fact Rojas confirmed through his court documents.
12. rooted (adj): implanted

Example: The ancient tree had its roots firmly rooted in the ground, entwining around rocks and soil in a complex network of fibrous tendrils 
13. sooted (v): Soot is used to coat or clog (anything).

14. tooted (verb): sound

Example: Fizz adds a special something to any occasion, and I can guarantee that Toot and Kinney will provide the perfect soundtrack. Your guests are sure to be in high spirits!


There are many six-letter words that end in -oted, but some of the most common include noted, quoted, voted, and scouted. These words all have different meanings, but they share the same ending sound. If you can remember this sound, you will be able to better understand these words when you see them spelled out. Do you know any other six-letter words that end in -oted? Share them with us in the comments below!


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