Six letter words ending with itch

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Are you ready for some fun, challenging wordplay? If so, then try tackling the puzzle of six letter words ending in itch! Not only will this give your brain a much-needed workout, but it can also be quite entertaining.

From trying to find rhymes to coming up with new and inventive combinations, these words offer endless possibilities. So sharpen those pencils (or keyboards!) and get ready to explore all of the incredible things that this little suffix offers!

Matching words for five letter words ending in itch:

  • flitch
  • glitch
  • knitch
  • quitch
  • skitch
  • smitch
  • snitch
  • stitch
  • switch
  • twitch
Six letter words ending with itch

Six letter words ending with itch

Six letter words ending with itch

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Searching for 6 letter words ending in itch can be a tricky task. However, there are some common words that fit the criteria. The most common of these is stitch, which refers to the act of using thread to sew two pieces of material together.

Stitch is often used in the phrase “stitch by stitch” which is an expression meaning to take small steps when working on something. Other 6 letter words ending in itch include bathos, ethos, filch, honeydew, and notch

Bathos refers to a sudden shift from lofty or serious subject matter to something trivial or comic. Ethos is a term used to describe someone’s character or nature and is often associated with ethical behaviour. Filch means to steal something small and insignificant, which can range from candy from a store shelf to a paperclip from your boss’ office desk!

Honeydew is any sweet fruit that belongs to the cucumber family and finally notch is used as a verb meaning ‘to make an indentation’ or ‘to cut out a piece along an edge’ making it perfect for activities like cutting out paper snowflakes!

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These 6-letter words provide semantic richness in conversation, while also giving people interesting information they may not have been aware of before! Whether you’re looking for fancy new vocabulary words or just want to be able to quickly name six exciting things ending with itch – this list has got you covered!

4 letter words that end with itch:

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5 letter words that end with itch:

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7 letter words that end with itch:

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8 letter words that end with itch:

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9 letter words that end with itch:

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10 letter words that end with itch:

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11 letter words that end with itch:

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Meaning of the list 6 letter words ending in itch:

1. flitch (n): blubber

Example: Here we have butter and eggs, an aromatic cup of tea, a sweet spoonful of sugar – all accompanied by the delectable aroma of a flitch!

2. glitch (noun): error

Example: Conversely, the Duo’s software was less than ideal as it had numerous glitches and did not always adjust rapidly to changes in orientation or instinctively clear away apps.

3. knitch (n): A small bundle

Example: She spent hours knitting intricate patterns into her knitch, carefully crafting a beautiful piece of art with each stitch.
4. quitch (n): another term for couch

Example: The large, overgrown quitch plants had been strangling the old garden bed for years, with their long, thorny stems creating an impenetrable barrier around it 
5. skitch (v): hold on to the back of a moving motor vehicle so as to be pulled along while riding a skateboard, bicycle, etc

Example: we skitched on the back of a passing Pinto.
6. smitch (n): A tiny amount; a smidge or smidgen.

Example: Jimmy was a real smitch, always coming up with creative solutions to the problems that his team faced. He was able to look at a problem from various angles and come up with out of the box solutions that no one had thought of before. His teammates respected him for his unique approach and were thankful for his presence on the team.
7. snitch (v): steal

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Example: He grabbed the umbrella before he left for fishing, preparing himself for any sudden rain.

8. stitch (verb): join together

Example: Although this venture requires some essential understanding of knitting stitches and terminology, it is streamlined and straightforward to complete.

9. switch (noun): change, exchange

Example: In the past, this mischievous switch was uncovered in rice plants and labeled “karma”.
10. twitch (verb): have a spasm

Example: There were no surprises when TikTok skyrocketed to 68% in 2021 from its 16% rate of 2020. Similarly, Snapchat and Twitch experienced growth too, with the former climbing to 26%, while the latter saw a jump up to 13%.


While there are many six-letter words that end in itch, these are just a few of the most popular. If you’re ever stuck on a word puzzle and need a little help, remember these Six Letter Words That End In Itch!

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