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Are you ready to explore the fascinating world of six letter words ending in rest? From mysterious creatures, exotic plants, and otherworldly landscapes to shopping destinations, activities for kids and pretty much anything else you can imagine – this list has it all!

With just one look at these unique words and their various meanings, any language enthusiast is sure to be intrigued. Get ready to discover a whole new way of understanding language – all through the power of exciting six letter words that end in rest. Ready for takeoff? Let’s go!

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Six letter words ending with rest

Six letter words ending with rest

Six letter words ending with rest:

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Six letter words ending in rest are commonly used in the English language, and can often be found in everyday conversation. Words such as “arest,” “best,” “chest,” and even “nest” are all six letter words that end with the letters “rest.”

Additionally, there are many nouns and verbs that end with the same pattern; such as “digest,” “impress,” and even “protest.” All of these words have a variety of meanings depending on their context, however they all share a common base- similar to how all of them contain the last four letters, ‘rest.’ Furthermore, these six letter words also have other uses – both figurative and literal – which helps to make them an important part of the English language.

For example, when someone ‘protests’ something they may disagree with it strongly or try to get their point across through peaceful means. On the other hand, they could also be referring to something more physical like a large group of people gathering together to speak out against something.

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In addition to this, certain verbs are derived from these six letter words ending in rest; for instance ‘attest’ means to bear witness or give testimony about something. There is no doubt that these six letter words add colour and depth to our language as well as help us communicate more effectively.

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Meaning of the list 6 letter words ending in rest:

1. airest (adj): superlative of air.

2. arrest (noun): taking into custody

Example: He called for the arrest of Sheskey and for the others involved to lose their jobs.


3. barest (adj): without clothing

Example: Robert is very well in a way, to give up all the money he can earn to the family, and keep the barest pittance for himself.


4. direst (adj): urgent; crucial

Example: And they in turn were also reduced to the direst of straits.

5. ferest (n): a large forest, typically in the wild:

Example: My family and I often take day trips to Ferest, an enchanting tourist destination with lush rolling hills and breathtaking views of the lake 
6. forest (noun): area with a large number of trees

Example: During the 2019 aridity season, a devastating 4 million acres of peatland and tropical forest were set ablaze.
7. merest (n): minimum

Example: Even the merest hint of hope was enough for us to keep going, though we were sure that our efforts would be fruitless in the end 
8. purest (adj): unmixed, genuine

Example: The snow atop Mount Everest is said to be the purest and most pristine form of water in the world, with it being untouched by pollution and human activity 
9. rarest (adj): exceptional, infrequent

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Example: The rarest species of elephant on the planet is the Sumatran Elephant, with only approximately 2,400 alive today 
10. serest (adj): burned

Example: After the tumultuous day, it was a serest to finally settle into the comfort of his cozy living room and relax with a glass of wine.
11. sorest (adj): hurt physically

Example: After running a marathon, I was left with the sorest legs I had ever experienced; my calf muscles were so tender that it hurt to even stand up on them 
12. surest (adj): certain, definite

Example: One of the surest ways to secure a successful future is to plan your career goals early and make steady strides towards achieving them.
13. unrest (noun): state of agitation; disturbance

Example: In the aftermath of an election rife with fraud allegations and controversy, the nation faced unprecedented levels of unrest as citizens took to the streets to protest.

14. uprest (n): a revolt or rebellion

Example: After months of being uprested and feeling helpless, the community finally had their voices heard with the passing of the new legislation
15. yarest  (adj): ready, brisk, or eager

Example: Many people have been surprised by the yarest turn of events in this political season; the current candidates have been anything but predictable 


Whether you’re looking for a six-letter word ending in rest or some other seven-letter words, we hope this list has been helpful. Just remember, when you’re stuck on a puzzle, to take a break and come back with fresh eyes. With a little bit of perseverance, you’ll be able to see the answer that was there all along.



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